AIRDROP2049 Launched for 10 Days, Over 400,000 Users Participate in Joint Airdrop by 50 leading Web3 projects

AIRDROP2049, a large-scale Web3 airdrop hosted by UXLINK and co-hosted by OKX Ventures, Web3port and Trusta Labs, has already gained more than 400,000 users! 50 popular Web3 project parties have joined forces to launch a large-scale airdrop campaign on Platform X (formerly Twitter), and since its launch, the #AIRDROP2049 has been viewed over 1 million times. The two online Twitter Space live events held last week attracted more than 75,000 users to listen, and more than 100 KOLs around the world participated in the airdrop retweeting campaign, which continues to be hot, or will continue until mid-May.

The project names including but not limited to:

BTC ecosystem: B² Network, Satoshi Protocol, Tuna Chain, Master Protocol, BVM, Hiveswap, HOTFI.

AI: CharacterX, Alaya, LayerNet, EdgeMatrix Computing, Solidus Ai Tech, Eternal AI, Pond, DeAgent.AI, 0xScope.

DeFi: TonUP, Premius Market, PixelSwap, DEGO Finance, SynFutures, Puffer Finance, AVALON Finance, Quantlytica, Aperture Finance, Honeypot Finance.

Infrastructure: ALIENX, ZKFair, OKX Ventures, UXLINK, Airdrop2049, Xircus, Chainbase Network, GoPlus, Roam by MetaBlox, 4EVERLAND, Mind Network, 

GameFi: The Animal Age, RobinFi, WowFish, Taki Games, NexGami, Reneverse, Degenverse.

SocialFi: De.Fi, LFG!, LightCycle, Cryfi, SoMon, Web3Port, AlphaOrBeta.

The person in charge of marketing from Mind Network, said that AIRDROP2049 has united many project partners of different tracks to carry out airdrops, covering “Web3 users with different characteristics”, which is a very meaningful attempt, and it is believed that it will bring in-depth value to each project partner.

The head of operation of the co-host, Trusta Lab, said, “In the 10 days since the launch of the campaign, we have observed hundreds of thousands of interactions on the chain, which are very active Web3 users, and we believe that as the campaign progresses, more users will join.

Co-host Web3Port said that AIRDROP2049 is a meaningful event from the perspective of multiple high-quality project parties jointly conducting the airdrop. It not only attracted a wide group of Web3 users, but also brought deeper value to the participating project parties and promoted cooperation and exchange among projects. Many projects gained target users and got some growth in this event.

AIRDROP2049 is incubated by leading social platform UXLINK. UXLINK social protocol RWS provides protocol level support and user social graph authorization, and provides data credentials for user rewards.


UXLINK is an innovative web3 social platform designed for mass adoption, aiming to be the largest web3 social network and social infrastructure for Dapps and developers. In contrast to most web3 social projects that often form following/one-way relationships, UXLINK focuses on real-world social/two-ways relationship and enables real-time interactions between users with users, Dapps with users by innovative Groups tools and protocols.

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