BEFE, BRISE and CENX: Riding the Upswing – Buy or Watch from the Sidelines?

While in the first two months of 2024, the market witnessed an astonishing bull chase with investors multiplying their returns, mid-March was stressful for most investors. This sets a new trajectory for investors to seek out more altcoins and switch to newcomers like BEFE, BRISE and CENX to multiply their gains. 

BEFE is the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. BEFE’s upswing trajectory has already made many headlines and BEFE’s recent presale completion on the Solana blockchain contributed majorly towards the hype. BEFE, which was initially launched with no pre-sales and zero tax, changed its direction and moved towards the top, all because of BEFE’s strong community commitments, major gains, and listing on 4 major exchanges as of now. BEFE is all set to list on 2 more exchanges, thus indicating the hype BEFE has from investors. 

BEFE experienced an upswing of 45% while the market was struggling in the bearish phase. BEFE has strong fundamentals that can withstand market violations as can be seen through its track record. BEFE becomes the top pick for investors who are looking to enjoy the gains of the current market and secure their future. 


Bitgert’s BRISE has made some sensational headlines and the hype of BRISE is all due to Bitgert- a layer 1 open-source blockchain that allows developers to host their projects. Bitgert’s super fast transactions, nearly zero gas fee, and exceptional utilities made it the better option and thus Bitgert slowly killed the hype of Solana to be at the top. BRISE was an upgrade in the Bitgert chain and since its launch, BRISE has witnessed an upswing of 40,000% in the market. It works on a deflationary mechanism that burns some supply with each transaction thus increasing the price. 


CENX focuses on providing financial DeFi theist products which allow users to buy, lend, stake, borrow access, and other such multiple functionalities that have lured investors. It focuses on promoting blockchain use and makes it easier for users to transact on such chains. The future of CENX looks promising as it focuses more on enhancing the crypto user experience and can be a good option to secure long-term growth.


While these options seem like a good opportunity to buy and maximize gains, it is always advisable to do your research before putting your stakes to avoid any adverse situation.

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