DL2032 vs CR2032 – Are both Alternatives?

Battery is the main component of different electronic devices such as remote controls and wristwatches. The DL2032 and CR2032 batters are 2 common type battery of button cell types that are used in electronic devices. They look the same but have many differences. In this post we will cover the differences between dl2032 vs cr2032, batteries 


Button cell type of battery is mostly used in small-electronic devices due to their small size and dependable power. DL2032 and CR2032 batteries are part of this group of small-size batteries and are used in watches, calculators, and medical devices. These batteris come with some factors similar like form factors and nominal voltage but have many differences.

 DL2032 and CR2032 Batteries Understanding

 DL2032 Battery

THe lithium coin cell battery made by  Panasonic is the DL2032 battery. Its capacity is about 220mAh and its nominal voltage is three volts. The Dl2032 battery is preferred and used on the basis of regular voltage for a longer duration and has reliable operation. It is best to use for indoor and outdoor use since it is created to handle temperature changes. 

CR2032 Battery

As cr2032 battery is a lithium cell battery made by different manufacturers such as Energizer,  Panasonic, and Duracell. Its nominal voltage is three volts similar to dl2032 but has a capacity of about 240mah. Cr2032 is best to use since it can easily accessed and is best for different devices working.

Main between DL2032 and CR2032

as there are the same parameters for DL2032 and CR2032 batteries, but they have many differences that must be considered.


The voltage of DL2032 and CR2032 batteries is 3 volts, so they are best to use for different devices like watches.


The capacity of dl2032 is about 220mAh and cr2032 has a high capacity that is about 240mAh. Longer working power can be the advantage of capacity especially for instruments that need steady and continuous power sources.

 Size and Compatibility

These two batteries come with the same size and have dimensions of about  20 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in thickness. This same size makes sure that it will work for larger devices that use button cell batteries. So dl2032 and cr2032 batteries can be used interchangeably without any issue.

Batteries  Applications

Though both batteries are mostly used in electric devices they can easily be used. For devices such as medical devices or accurate instruments that require regular power supply such as a dl2032 battery has a reliable voltage output and is the best to use. The cr2032 battery is the best alternative for devices such as watches, and key fob calculators since it can easily access and has high capacity. Related What Size Wire for 100 Amp Service

 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between DL2032 and CR2032

To have the best operation and support with your devices must use many types of variables and then choose between the DL2032 and CR2032 batteries.

 Device Requirements

Consider teh needs and requirements of your devices first of all some devices only use DL2032 or CR2032 batteries, others can show the type of battery they are based on function. The best battery for devices can be defined based on users’ manual details or manufacturer’s recommendations.


The selection of a battery with a larger capacity can be best for longer durability of devices. Since it has high capacity the cr232 is the best option for devices that are used or require longer operation.


Consider the cost of the battery selected. DL2032 and CR2032 batteries are less cost and can easily be accessed by cost can be different based on brand and manufacturer. If require any battery, compare costs and consider them to buy.


The availability of batteries also causes differences.cr2032 battery can easily be accessed in different stores and online places. In spite of being less common dl2032 batteries can also be bought online and in electronics shops. Examine both batteries accessibility in your area to make sure you can get replacements quickly if necessary.

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