PSU Banks vs Private Banks: Here's what 5 experts have picked

The financial market changes now and then, and you need to be updated on trends and financial news every day. You wouldn’t know when and where the new trend seems to be paving its way. Whether you are a wise analyst or an investor, you must stay updated on the PSU bank share price and all the private banks out there. The changes just happen out of the blue, and that is why you need expert advice. As an investor, you might be worried about what will best fit your investment strategy. What factors affect the entire financial market, and how will choosing wisely between them help you with your financial journey? 

No one wants loss; when you listen to the advice of the experts, you will make informed decisions. In this article, we will look into what experts have to say about the differences between these two banks and what sets them apart. With their wise decision, you are highly likely to stand out from your rivals in this competitive market. Let us dive deep into what exactly experts have to say in this matter. 

Deepak Jasani 

One of the greatest experts out there, Deepak Jasani, has expressed hope for PSU banks despite their weak history. Indeed, history says a lot; however, it is crucial to know what PSUs hold for the future. The main reason behind seeking potential in PSU banks is that there has been a recent rise in the bank stocks of PSUs compared to private banks. When it comes to deposits, PSU banks do have a good position, which is crucial for the current situation. 

Jignesh Shial

The prominent Jignesh Shial, Head of the BFSI Sector at InCred Capital and Director of Research has provided a detailed insight into the private and PSU banks. In the private sector, he recommends HDFC Bank; however, in the PSUs, he has recommended SBI. As a wise expert, he has shown what holds potential and what does not. 

Vinit Bolinjkar

Vinit Bolinjkar is a widely known expert in the financial world. He is the head of research at Ventura Securities. Just like the rest of the experts, he does give preference to public banks over private ones, but only in the short term. He also believes that PSUs will outperform for longer terms if market dynamics improve to a certain level. 

Anirudh Garg

Anirudh Garg, partner and fund manager at Invasset, has given preference to PSUs over private ones. And he has legitimate reasons behind his recommendation, such as better loan growth and earning potential, which is a must for all the investors out there. 

Dnyanada Vaidya

Dnyanada Vaidya is a research analyst at BFSI, Axis Securities. He has given preference to PSUs over private banks. This proves that PSUs do have potential. After all, numerous experts highlight the outperformance of PSU banks; however, she still has given recommendations from sides like SBI under PSUs and ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank in the private sector. 

Wrapping up 

In conclusion, before you begin your journey in the investing sector, it is crucial to take the advice of the experts out there. If you are looking to invest in prominent stocks, such as Nifty VIX, do not forget to look into their financial performance before investing.

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